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New Contributor

New NBN Service at home, can no longer Remote Desktop into office

Hi brains trust,


I recently signed up for NBN at home and can no longer connect to my work pc through remote desktop.  I had the IT guy check all the settings and he said that it seems like Optus is blocking the outgoing connection trying to connect to port 7900 at my office.


Is this a common issue?  (after 30 minutes on hold to tech support I had to hang up and go back to work) - is it simply a matter of me calling them to allow the connection or am I not going to be able to work from home again?  (Is this something that I - with my very limited IT knowledge - can fix on my end?)


I should say that I can connect to my office PC on any other computer/laptop, just not the one from home with the new NBN service (I can connect using that actual PC if I hotspot on my phone and dont use the home network which is why the IT guy believes its an Optus issue) 


Thank you for any feedback/help you can offer.


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