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New Contributor abey
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New NBN FTTC connected

I've received my NBN FTTC connection device and have connected it to every existing phone line the house. The connection light is still flicking. My phone line works and courrently getting calls through the phoneline and there is a dial tonne. My existing home broadband connection goes through a HFC connection so I'm wondering if I've been sent the wrong connection device. I dont think it should matter but it's getting a bit long in the tooth. I'm just a bit sick and tired of resetting the device/off/on - wait for 15 minutes and nothing happens.

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Re: New NBN FTTC connected

Your old HFC connection is being scrapped. So no you don't have the wrong device.


Plug it in where you want it plugged in and then call Optus (or use LIVECHAT here on line 24/7) and ask them to activate the line.


They'll step you through it.


Peter Gillespie



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Crowd Champion SillyGogo
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Re: New NBN FTTC connected

have you check the connection type at are you getting FTTC or HFC for NBN? if it is FTTC then contact optus live chat as per @petergdownload  . However, if you are gettiing HFC NBN then a NBN tech will need to install a new modem for you. 

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