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New Contributor Rina-Jimmy
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New NBN FTTC connected



Our connect date was last Thursday, 14 February, tech showed up installed connection device and verifed no light on fibre. Another tech was coming to our area the next day, (Friday), to verify and connect the fibres for our connection. On Friday morning our internet connection came up, (at speed pack 3, we requested speed pack 4). The phone line isn't setup, (we get a fast busy tone when the phone is plugged in and taken off hook). Since last Thursday, whenever I log into my Optus account, I get a "We are unable to retrieve the billing account summary. Please try again later" message. We were also given a new account number since we're on NBN now and not ADSL. What do we have to do to access our new account details, who do we talk to for enabling our phone through the new Optus modem, as well as getting speed pack 4? On a side note, even at speed pack 3, compared to what we had on ADSL, the internet service is awesome, so thank you Optus for that.

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Re: New NBN FTTC connected

FTTC - Lucky You.


FWIW you can probably thank NBNCo (and the government probably) first for both the speed bump and the choice of any RSP. However Optus is definitely an important part in the process.


As a new account I'd just wait for a while. It can take some time for these things to flow through to all systems. 


You shouldn't need speed pack four any time now (coming from ADSL) so just contact LIVECHAT every now and again and keep requesting it be applied to your line.


Peter Gillespie

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