Nbn wifi but no internet or phone


Moved from cable to nbn this week. Started ok but suddenly phone wouldn’t work audio and no internet on any of our devices. After hours with tech on chat troubleshooting he organised nbn tech to come out. No show as apparently could fix remotely. Not so and I wasn’t notified... contacted tech help again who after repeTing tests reopened case. Connection is through an old Foxtel outlet never used ( 20 years old). Can connect to wifi but no internet also no phone line just engaged signal.... help

Re: Nbn wifi but no internet or phone


Does the NBN “arris” box have solid US / DS and Online lights?


yes > then something else is wrong 

no > modem has no connection to nbn, needs nbn to investigate through your RSP.

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Re: Nbn wifi but no internet or phone


Hi and thanks for a reply ... yes 4 solid lights. When testing though we plugged straight into laptop from nbn box and we couldn’t get internet.... so this apparently means something wrong nbn way according to tech! Still waiting to hear from Optus tech reinvestigating case... and around and around we go one blaming other I imagine

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