Nbn set up and really bad service

I recently moved into a new house and in the estate we only have nbn, no phone lines etc.. We received a letter from nbnco saying everything is hooked up and ready to go so call your service provider.. We were with optus prior to our move and have two mobile phones with you guys.. I called optus and went through the half hour process signing up to a nbn and home phone plan.. He said he had to organize a technician and will call back with time date etc.. I did not hear back.. That was on the Friday so I called the following Wednesday.. The person I talked to then said she would go and find out the problem.. She put me on hold where I waited 20min and then the phone dropped out.. I called back later that afternoon explaining what had happened and they apologized and said they will look into it.. They said they couldn't see anything so would have to start from scratch again.. I went through the process and they said they had organized a technician to come out 2 weeks later on the Monday.. My wife took the day off and no one turned up.. I then called optus again on the Tuesday quite angry and I talked to a guy that was very helpful and apologetic he saw if been with optus for a long time and agreed if I'd been stuffed around a lot.. He added a few perks for the trouble they had caused and then when he got to the organizing a tech part from optus my post code wasn't in the system (which is the same post code at my old address which optus served well..) he said it was just a glitch in the system and would have their i.t guys look at it and call me back the next day or when it was fixed.. As I didn't hear back from anyone I called optus again!! I asked to speak to a manager as I was very annoyed!! I got put on to the manager and after telling him what happened he really didn't seem to care.. He just said if we can't put you in our system we can't serve you sorry.. Go on to the nbn website and select another service provider!! So that is exactly what I did.. Very unhappy with optus and can't believe I was treated in this way!! Now you guys keep charging us extra because we are using too much internet on our phones.. If you didn't stuff us around and we had the internet we wouldn't go over!! If anyone else needs service for nbn from people who really seem to care I would recommend ozlinkedin

Re: Nbn set up and really bad service


This sounds like a really poor experience, really sorry to hear about it Smiley Sad


Generally the connection process is a lot smoother than this, the NBN connections can be quite complicated though. Thanks very much for your feedback. I'll be sure to pass it on.


If you require any further assistance or follow up from us please let me know. We can give you a call back

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Re: Nbn set up and really bad service

OMG! I had almost the exact same experience. I am still waiting for our NBN technician. I rang over 4 weeks ago, went through same long process, took the day off, no one turned up. I rang and was told the technician was cancelled 2days before the appointment, but no one had told me. Is your time more valuable than mine? I was told they would call me with a new date for installation. That was over a week ago and I have not received a call. The worst service I have ever received (or not received). The scripted replies from staff do not count as customer service. I have one foot out the door-have four services with optus, but no one cares. Made a written complaint and got no where. Still no nbn.

Re: Nbn set up and really bad service


Hey there,

I'd like to help follow up on the status of your installation. Share your details using the form & we'll be in touch to investigate. 

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Re: Nbn set up and really bad service

Thank you Julian and a big thank you to Eddie in Melbourne. Both of you have restored my faith in Optus. Great retention customer service. Anyone else out there with a similar problem- I am told that Facebook is a good place to post as well as here.
Thanks again guys

Re: Nbn set up and really bad service


Same thing here. Optus dont use to be like that. The pre-activation service is very bad and the NBN service inexistant. i use to get good service from Optus. after 5 weeks still no home phone and NBN service. kids needs internet to complete their homework. needs to drive them to the library everyday....talking about a modern society...thats why the CEO is leaving I guess...

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@Max_b is the CEO leaving? I hadn't heard that. Can you link me to an article? I thought Alan was relatively new. Or are you maybe referring to David Thodey leaving Telstra? That was announced not long ago. 

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Re: Nbn set up and really bad service


i should say  " has left" ,,, was referring to Kevin Russell here

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