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So I'm attempting to relocate my NBN with Optus and I received a confirmation text message claiming that it's connected and working. Upon arriving home the internet was NOT working so I contacted live chat. The people I spoke to were excellent with their customer service and are providing me with a free 50gb dongle to make up for the inconvenience caused but I was told it could take up to 10 - 14 days to actually get connected and that NBN had cancelled the order? Why did I receive a confirmation text to say I could get online if there was going to be such a wait? My partners a student and needs the internet for study and I assume we will be having to pay our contract without NBN access while this mess gets sorted? 

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Once it gets sorted, you can then discuss any reimbursements etc, but they’ve already given you 50gb of data which should be more than enough to study on.


that said, what nbn tech is the new address?


also, often Optus gets notification its complete from NBN which is far from the truth. 

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Re: Nbn relocation


It's a HFC connection. Yes I'm not so much annoyed at Optus their team were very good as far as helping us out is concerned I'm more worried about paying for services I cannot use like NBN and fetch tv etc.

Also I was meant to receive a text saying my order for the NBN was cancelled but still waiting on that too.

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