Nbn Internet not working

Everything was working perfectly fine until the power tripped. As I turned it back on and everything came back, the Internet seemed to not work at all. No web pages load and I've turned both the nbn box and router on and off repeatedly. The wifi network still shows on my phone but when selected, nothing loads. All the lights on the router and nbn box are as they should according to the user guide.

Any help would be much appreciated, or if anything needs clarifying. Thanks.

Re: Nbn Internet not working


Hey Ozzie76, thanks for posting in the Community! Apologies with the delay in responding - we've been super busy lately, sorry to hear about the probs you've been having with your internet since the power blackout. Sometimes blackouts can cause modems to stop working but it's something our tech team really needs to take a look at to confirm where the prob is. Give them a buzz on 131344 and they can troubleshoot this further for you.

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