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NEW Service NOT Activated



I raised this issue over 2 weeks ago before the crisis.


I am still awaiting you to connect and activate my servIce.


I have been on chat and have spoken with tech and still not working. for the last few days i have been on many many hours of hold. Three days more than 9 hours of hold music.

I just keep being connected to a different department or no answer at all.


Answer this simple question why is my service not activated?


Don't send me to different departments just source the information yourself and feed this back to me.

Not one person has followed up on what they said they would and this before covid 19 impacted.

So please advise on this order: 145280408A

And why is has it not been activated on the scheduled date.

Please ensure i am not charge for any of this until you have it working and confirmed.




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Re: NEW Service NOT Activated

Hi @OptisFubar, it doesn't sound like you've had a great activation experience at all - I'm very sorry to hear that it's been the case.

Without looking at your service I just can't provide any concrete answers on this, however, I do know that our teams are experiencing delays due to the COVID-19 impacts which could be why it's taking longer than anticipated. 

That said, we can definitely take a look at what's happening with your order.

Please reach out to us via our Facebook and Twitter pages so we can investigate further.

It may take us a little longer than usual to get back to you but if you clearly advise you have no internet connection we'll be able to prioritise your post and go from there. 

I do understand your concern about being charged for the service - I want to assure you that we wouldn't charge you for the service until your modem makes contact with our network and usage is identified. 

We also have some support measures in place for the interim, you can find information about this on our Coronavirus Support page. 

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