I was advised tonight by 2 optus representatives that the NBN is fiber all the way to my house. Is this correct? How do I find out if this is correct? I have just signed up for NBN because of slow ADSL speeds. 0.39 mbs. They tell me this is because I am 4 Klm from the exchange. I have never been told that before. I have been an optus customer for about 20 years.



I am in Petrie Qld. And also would like to know how to contact the telecommunications ombudsman as this issue has been ongoing for years and the information and communication from  this company has not been upfront and the assistance from over seas India and Filipinos is not sufficiently fixing problems. The help lines are there do not work and are there in name only.



You can check your NBN type and availablity at the Optus NBN page - just type in your address. All ISPs have this feature so search on any of them if you want more confirmation.


Seems like you are in for a treat. As you should be able to get 50 times your current speed without breaking a sweat on the NBN. 4km is getting to the limit of ADSL distance so you having slow speeds now is no surprise. None of the Telco ever shared info on houses distance from the exchange. It was what it was and you got the speeds that you got. The good news is that the NBN now runs the wires (fibre) to your home and is required to guarantee minimum speeds (25, 50 or even 100). So Telcos now have no excuse for not providing those speeds.


The bad news is that Telcos appear to be cutting corners with providing sufficient bandwidth for their customers (and Optus has had a fair share of critisism - see post immeadiately under yours). So its possible your actual speeds may still vary. Keep an eye on peak hour speeds (google speedtest for an immeadiate speedtest any time). If you find the speeds drop 7pm-11pm then it means the issue is the Telco, not the NBN. If they are consistently low then its more likely the NBN is at fault.


But lets go positive. Smiley Happy Many people are very happy with their shiny new NBN and here's hoping you'll be one of them.




Peter Gillespie



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Telecommunications to complain:

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