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NBN with Fetch upgrade

I was on a $80/month plan that gave be a speed teir 2 NBN service ... 25Mbps. For a number of reasons  ... 3 kids home schooling, working from home, voluntary work now conducted on Zoom ... I wanted to upgrade in some way for a faster speed. I was offered a $90/month plan with 50Mbps. Online indications are that my plan has been 'upgraded' (as in I now have to pay $90/month) but the speed has remained the same. I had tested and have continued to test with and seen no change to up/down load speeds. The numbers are reliable and consistent enough to rule out congestion, and the variety of time of day of testing supports the conclusion that I havent technically been upgraded ... only 'financially.' I cant get through by message or phone to get this sorted. 

Where to next?

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