NBN wifi buffering ...ruins everything


We just changed over to NBN after letters from Optus to change. We were totally happy with our older Optus internet but felt the pressure to adapt despite our concerns. After set up and connection complete....watching streamed TV is now ruined and bufferering pauses the shows every 10 to 20 seconds of action.

Is this what my family is in for.....seriously this is the first night. 

We connected through Wifi as we need internet  on our TV, IPads and phones.....

What can I do to improve this. Apologies if this kind of post has been seen before........


Re: NBN wifi buffering ...ruins everything




Its a big change for all households and there can be teething issues. First thing is to get a baseline of what your actual performance is which will need some testing:


1) What Optus plan are you on? $60? $80? $100? a month

2) Do you know what NBN tech you have? FTTN? Cable? What postcode and street are you in?

3) Have you run some speedtests? Try here. Try running one every few hours through the day (its likely you'll get top speeds now and they'll get worse between 6pm and 10pm - run a few tests in this period)

4) To diagnose your issue you should be doing all tests on a WIRED connection. Do you have a PC plugged directly into your modem? Make sure it has wifi turned off and run the tests.

5) How far is it from the TV to the modem - are they in the same room?




Peter Gillespie

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