Re: NBN wi fi


Same problem weak wi fi on NBN modem compared to cable modem.


Re: NBN wi fi


Happy Australia Day to all!


After reading a lot of reviews/forums/posts etc, the ASUS AC88U looks like the one for me, to add after the Crapcom.

I even rang ASUS AU tech support and after explaining my setup and my Opless Crapcom router problems, he said the 88U would be better than their AC5300 Tri band model, and is the most popular model, even though only dual band and cheaper.

Anyone use this model?


Still waiting for the 'BIG OPTUS ANNOUNCMENT' that was mentioned back, waaaay back, in the dim, dark past of late 2016!


Is there any light at the end of the Optus Light-Pipe tunnel?





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