NBN that has never worked


Another week, after four weeks of, contact Optus. We can't help, it's an NBN issue. Contact NBN, you need to deal with your service provider. Optus dip shites that pass the blame and don't want to do any work as Customer Support is rubbish. NBN hide and do their best to be uncontactable ! Government Wankers as usual ! Meanwhile the weeks roll by, I have an NBN box with flashing lights,SO HOT !!!!! It will start a fire eventually, and still no internet. NUFTY BROADBAND COMPANY could not organise a party in a Brewery they are so god damn useless. Hey John Howard, look at Australia's shite broadband network, what a pathetic thing to show the world. Billions of dollars for Fifteen year old technology, that does not even work. PATHETICALLY TYPICAL OF AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT !!! UP YOURS OPTUS, YOU ARE SHITE !!!!!

Re: NBN that has never worked

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Are you able to provide some clarification on the type of experience that you're having here? Are you losing connection completely? Is it related to speeds? I appreciate that this type of service must be frustrating however the community is here to help out as best it can. I can see you have posted a few times about your issue, so if you can provide some specific details about the problem here we'll do what we can to help.

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