NBN technician a no show


Is it normal for Optus to not notify us of a cancelled technician installion ? There should be protocol and arrangements to let customers know of this inconvenience.



Over the years Optus has put more money in profits then it’s people(customers). I waited almost 1 month to have NBN installed only for the technician to not show up to the appointment even after confirming a few days before hand. I honestly don’t know why we bother taking time off work to wait for these people who in my mind have no respect or the decency to notify us of the changes. I had to call Optus 4 times to check on the status only to be told that NBN couldn’t come after waiting 5 hours for them.


The job would of been cancelled days prior and Optus didn’t even notify us. It was only when I called that is was confirmed. I’m honestly upset and frustrated that Optus and NBN don’t care about us everyday Aussies who battle each day they only care about the battle of the Telco’s to take your business.





Re: NBN technician a no show


In fairness to Optus, this one is on the NBN. Optus can only book an appointment with NBNCo and if they don't show up then they learn of it when you do. 


Personally I agree that Optus should be contacting the NBN at 1 minute past the appointed end time to confirm but Optus do tend to wait until the customer complain.


The NBN is now financially penalised if they miss an appointment but ironically this renumeration is given to Optus which seems to create a perverse incentive for no shows IMO. 


All you can do is contact Optus and ask for a new date.


Peter Gillespie 

Re: NBN technician a no show


I also have this problem with optus

i have been waiting for almost a month to have a technician come for a check on my internet. Ive had 2 dates booked and ive taken time off work but no one ever shows up or notifies me of cancellation 

ive gotta say this is right there at the top of my list of worst customer service teams ive ever dealth with . Staff members pass you around on chats,agents transfer you on calls for almost hours and at the end of the day, nothing is fixed. All they ever do is temporary fixes

Re: NBN technician a no show

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experience this myself(not with Optus) with Nbn cancelling the appointment on the last minute with no notification. Agree with @petergdownload this is definately on NBNco. They can get away with it because they are not dealing with the angry customer directly. Optus and other ISP is facing the angry customer. Nbnco need to understand that not everyone can just take a day off work or free up a whole day on a drop of a dime.


Apparantely, the ISP make the appointments. Nbnco then plan for the next few days to see if able to to meet those appointment, if they can't (eg not enough technician) then they  just cancel or no show on the appointment. Would be better to know how many appointments you can fulfil then release them.


Nbnco should make dodgy fly in fly out technician accountable for a shonky installation. There are many people needing follow up appointments to fix up the issue from the original instal. They get pay by the job, so corners are cut where possible and move on to the next job and make the moola. Do it right the first time and free up the technicians for other jobs. I guess it is supply and demand, more problems more jobs and higher rate. There is no incentive to get things right and do thing correctly. 

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Re: NBN technician a no show


Yeah I hae this problem too with NBNCo.

I have taken time off 6 times now for a NBN technician to come and change the Arris Modem to the new model. (they sent out a letter back in August 2018 about doing it). 
I have taken the time off, as a sick day, for something that would literally take all of 10 minutes. 
At this stage, I have called up their support number and told them to either come over at their conveinience, or to simply mail me the new modem and ill mail them back my old one. 
That was over a month ago. To this day, haven't heard back from NBNCo since. 

In the meantime it doesn't bother me at all. I have the old Arris NBN Modem, have my 100/40 speed plan, and get 95/38mbps 24/7 anyway. If it aint broken, im not gunna fix it Smiley Happy

Nbn tech never showed.


So I have this tech appointment for 3 weeks prior to the day. The slot qasc1 to 5pm Friday. Tech never shows. I call optus and they say "sorry, nothing can be done. They have all knocked off work, call back on Monday please" anyway I call back and they can't make another appointment for another 4 weeks. I called nbn directly and they say optus has the powder to prioritize my job but just wont. TPG is sounding pretty damn good these days.

Re: NBN technician a no show



I was informed on 4th March that NBN technician will come to my home today and do the installtion. When I checked with Optus support via chat, I was told that the NBN technician cannot make it, worse they wont say when the technican will come next. No action from Optus to inform about the cancellation. After waiting for 2 weeks, I dont know what needs to be done now.


Re: NBN technician a no show


I suspect there's a far bit of rort in the installation process. 


I just had one come to my home. Turned up on time and all ready to go. I'd made it the simplest install possible with a draw string to my internal plug. Cable from the street was already installed.


He proceeded to dismantel and replace everything (including the street cable) and 3 hours later the job was done. Presumably he gets paid for the three hours of tasks and not the 15 minutes  actually needed. He probably cancelled on his next appointment as he'd run out of time.


@PrashV unfortunately all you can do is organise another NBN guy to come out. Optus should be chasing this up for you but they don't do that so well it appears.

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I am also having this problem.. less than a month a ago it took the 4th appointment before a nbn technician turned up. the first appointment a text to let me know he is not comming. I have called Optus many times to rebook appointment each time I waited 30-45mins to get thru. Finally after almost 3 weeks not nbn it got fixed.

but only 1.5 week later nbn not working again ... the light on modem kept on blicking! no Fletch tv too!

I am in the middle of dealing with no connection Optus technical help service worsen this time ... said they booked a technician but no text confirmation. I call again the next day to enquire nbn technician booking (waited 1.5 hours on phone) found out no booking another optus help booked the call and i request her to call me back to check with me if technician turns up ... guess what ... that was an empty promise! I ended calling Optus at 5:30pm (waited on phone 30mins) only to get someone has no idea my problem and asked me to explain the whole thing again... i told her i need to speak to her manager .. waited longer finally got someone call Sandip and told the nbn tech guy to onsite to fix my nbn problem (this is at 5:30pm) , I told him no one set foot in our house (yet nbn message told us we need to be at home) told him to call me when problem fix. Once again an empty promise I got another guy to call me back and this guy promise to call me back when fix ... no one call back my nbn is still down and Optus didn't call back to tell me what they are going to do!!!

Once again, I will have to call them again tomorrow to sort this matter out ... so another hourssss to phone waiting for Optus tech support!... I am planning to discontinue the service soon. 

Re: NBN technician a no show


The actual no showing is on NBNCo and is considered a defnitely failure on there process. Particularly as they require people to take time off work to wait. Its apparently happening much less but that doesn't really help if it happens to you.


How Optus contribute to making it much worse is there complete lack of service when it comes to following new installs up. They know many don't occur as planned and yet a simple automated SMS asking did it all go ok or better yet, an actual call asking the same is never placed. Its up to the customer to try restart the process.


Its a simple thing and almost by definition you are dealing with a new customer and showing complete indifference is how the contractual relationship starts?


Peter Gillespie

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