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I have never experienced such poor customer service than trying to switch from broadband to NBN. I firstly ordered the change on live chat then a week later rang to see when it would change over only to be told it was not ordered. After almost 2 hours on the phone and being transferred numerous times I had again ordered the NBN changeovers. I live chatted again a week later and again they said we have no record of you ordering the change. So I said if you are that hopeless let’s cancel my broadband and I will go somewhere else. So I canceled for 1st Dec. I now get a text from Iptus telling me my NBN will be connected on the 5th Dec. that is 4 days after they are due to disconnect me. Have Optus any systems in place at all? I have no idea now if I will still be disconnected and then reconnected 

Re: NBN switchover


@jocinidi, happy to go in and take a look.


Had you received any communication at all after placing the order over Chat?
Any sort of confirmation SMS or email? 


If you like, I can take a look. You'll need to send us a private message with your details.
I'm not always able to respond back right away, but I’ll do my best. 


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Re: NBN switchover


Thanks but no thanks. I just wasted another hour on live chat and eventually managed to cancel the Optus offer. Reality is your people are not capable of understanding your own systems. I believe there was an order in progress after the second time I ordered it was just that your people could not find it.

if I now went forward with the install and you let me down again people would just say to me why did I go ahead when they continually demonstrated incompetence 

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