NBN speed issue with interstate content

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Hi all


I have been having some significant issues with my NBN FTTP connection for the last few months. Everything was perfect and then, seemingly overnight, my speeds to interstate content were cut/throttled to roughly 10% of their usual speeds.


I leave near Brisbane, and content hosted in Brisbane delivers speeds that you would expect on a 100/40 connection:


Interstate however is completely different:


Downloads in the browser, especially from overseas sites, rarely go above 100kB/s and browsing generally is pretty unenjoyable with long page load times and some content that can take minutes to completely load.


For some context, I am running a Win 7 installation using an ethernet cable and it is the only device connected to the network.


Things that I have tried so far:

  • Chrome, Firefox and IE to see if it was a browser issue
  • Connect to sites/downloads from a different connnection (my 4G phone) to see if it was an issue with the sites not serving data properly.
  • Different ports on router
  • Restore defaults in router
  • Plug directly into NTD to see if it was a router issue
  • Different pc running a different OS to see if it was a pc hardware/OS issue
  • Leave router off for ~24hours to obtain new IP in case there was some crazy shenanigans going on

Youtube, which has a Brisbane server (I guess, based off pings) performs flawlessly and I can stream 1080p60 HD videos without issue. Twitch (hosted in Sydney) is absolutely pathetic on High and Source settings (constant buffering). Facebook videos are a slideshow.


Pings and jitter are always really stable and gaming hasn't been affected too much - it's really just a throughput issue.


Does anyone have any idea if this is a fundamental issue with NBN  (CVC throttling?) that has no solution or is there something else I should be trying to fix. My one phone call to Optus support fielded no solutions. I should note that these speeds and issues are present at all times of the day or night (middle of the day on a Tuesday or 3am on a Sunday; doesn't matter)


Thanks in advance for any help you might be able to provide.




EDIT: after reading a few pages on here I can see this is a bigger problem with NBN and I'm actually better off than a lot of people Smiley Sad

Re: NBN speed issue with interstate content


Sorry to hear about all the trouble you're having with your service, so we can get to the bottom of this - are you able to perform a Trace Route both to the interstate and local sites so we can see what you're getting then send this info through, along with your full name, account info and DOB via PM so we can follow up?

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Re: NBN speed issue with interstate content


Hi Steph


Thank you for your reply. I have sent a PM as requested.



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