NBN slow, home phone number not ported and worst customer service ever!


I have never had to spend more time on the phone with ANY company than I have had to with Optus. Each department I speak to transfers me to a different department only for me to be transferred back and forth with NO ONE being able to resolve my issues. I get offered a call back but then I never get the call back. I was even told to go to an Optus Store only for the lady at the store to call Optus and complete the form over the phone. That is just one example of many, that it is getting beyond ridiculous. I have started keeping a record of every time I'm on the phone and I hope all your calls are recorded as I have no choice but to take this further. Will be lodging a formal complaint and then going to the Telecommunications Ombudsman. You'll be losing me as a Customer as well as everyone I know after the way I have been treated.
Sincerely, a very frustrated and disappointed Customer.

Re: NBN slow, home phone number not ported and worst customer service ever!

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Really disappointing to hear that this is the case @DanielHaiTran Smiley Sad I get why you'd be frustrated, it's never the type of service we should be providing!

Judging by the title of your post, you're having trouble with your new connection, yeah?

Happy to help out, can you please PM me with your account/order number, full name and DOB? 

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