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Forced to sign up to NBN, Optus informs me that our telephone and cable services will be terminated on 22nd May 2019, even though NBN advises us that we don't have to join up with NBN until 12th June 2020.

So, we went to an Optus shop, signed up to $70.00 plan, had cable put into the wall socket and hooked up modem (23rd April 2019) but not switched on. Have not activated the NBN account, waiting until 21st May BUT this week we received a bill for recurring charges from 24th April to 23rd May. WHAT FOR.

Installer said there was no reason we couldn't keep our existing home phone number but Optus shop said it was impossible.??????


Also, Optus support via phone services is a disgrace, Indian call centre is useless, at least 10 x 30 minute wait for someone to talk to about anything and they hang up on you without any resolution.







Re: NBN signup and bill


The excessive use of bold was really unnecessary, I do understand you feel "you are being forced", but it was the Government who approved this not Optus.


You need to be aware that if you are on the Optus HFC (Cable) network, then you have 90 days from when NBNCo declares ready for service, not the traditional 18 months. Why? Because the Optus cable network is being shut down and removed, as NBNCo when they bought it, realized they bought a network that was in disarray and would require significant financial investment to repair to standard. NBNCo's contact centre has given you the wrong information (as to if that was a mistake or because of the way you described your conversion it's impossible to say).


Just because you "haven't turned the router on", does not mean the service isn't declared active. When the technician left and closed the job as complete, this triggers the commencement of billing, the billing doesn't start "21 May because that's when Optus said it would shut down the old cable service".


As to "why you couldn't keep your number", it depends on what the sales rep at the Optus store said. Generally speaking you can keep your landline number which makes me wonder if the sales staff wanted this as a "new customer sale" rather than an "NBN Conversion" probably because it had a better commission.


You won't get an immediate answer in here, your best bet is to either speak to Live Chat and get them to have a look (that way you aren't on hold), but I find it hard to believe they are hanging up on you. Unless you are being intentionally rude or abusive, there would be no reason to terminate the call, and I can't say that's the case as we simply only see your side of the story here.


If you feel that this isn't "acceptable", you can log a complaint via and get the Customer Relations Group involved if you wish.

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