NBN service worst than ADSL 2+


Since switching over to NBN service option, my download speed is worst than my ADLS 2+ service that I have for years. The speed some days were down to 1.5 - 2 Mbps, my previous ADSL 2+ is consistant near 5MBps. Being NBN with 25Mbps/5Mbps, I would expect my downlaod speed is better than ADSL service. This is getting frustrating now that need Optus to take a serious look at the quality of service. Can you fix it Mr YES

Re: NBN service worst than ADSL 2+


Eeek! Not looking good Smiley Sad

Really sorry that you've had speed issues there, do you know which type of NBN that you have? FTTP or FTTN/FTTB? 

As there are differing connection types, a variety of factors come into plat with an NBN connection, namely line quality and network traffic.

Is this something you've raised with our Faults team? What kind of speeds are you seeing via Ethernet? 

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