NBN seems to slower than Optus cable broadband


I switched from Optus cable to NBN a few days ago in Sydney. The NBN is slower than Optus cable broadband. I tried using some chating applicatons and they are NOT working with NBN but it works perfectly okay with my Optus cable broadband network.


Does anyone have such an experience about slower NBN? If this is true, why is Optus pushing your customers to NBN? It seems to make no sense to spend a lot of money for outdated technologies.


Optus: comments please?


Re: NBN seems to slower than Optus cable broadband


What plan/speedpack were you on with Optus cable


What NBN technology are you on and what speedpack are you on?


As for pushing customers to nbn that uses outdated technology - outside of Optus's control - talk to your local federal politician.

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Re: NBN seems to slower than Optus cable broadband




As mentioned if you're talking NBN then the most important factor to state is what technology you are using. Different answers based on that.


The NBN is indeed a national project and Optus has no choice but to transfer you to it (NBNCo actually bought the entire Optus Cable network a few years ago and will be dismantelling it in a few years as its not economically or technically capable of providing NBN services to more than a select few)


Which is the main reason the NBN is being built. Cable users (Telstra and Optus) have long had access to NBN like speeds. But they didn't have any choice in ISP and the rest of the country has been a long way back in the speed queue. So yes, in some ways the NBN will be a step back for HFC cable users. On the plus side though, you now have access to 40Mbps upload speeds (instead of 1 Mbps) and perhaps more importantly the nation not has access to 50Mbps+ speeds. This is important as services are geared towards the lowest common denominator. If most people are stuck on 5Mbps ADSL connections then that's what websites will be built around. Now, its a whole new ball game.


But to your specific issue. You should have access to 100Mbps (same as HFC) unless you are on FTTN in which case you are one of the unlucky ones. There's a hope Labour will convert FTTN to FTTC technology over the next few years which opens up speeds of 250Mbps+


What speeds are you actually getting with a speed test? Does the speed change in peak hour? (5pm to 11pm)


Peter Gillespie

Re: NBN seems to slower than Optus cable broadband


Hi Optus,


I am sick and tiered of optus. Unable to even contact on chat and phone line.

We joined NBN, the line speed is up to 50-100mbps. I am getting 6 mbps. Complained for 6 months, nothing has been done apart from false promises by technical team. I am radiologist, need to download images for work.

Struggling to get through or get the right answer. I have complained to online complaint department, nothing has happened.

Please help how to even get throught optus. Even went to the shop who sold us the broadband in Indooroopilly shopping centre in Brisbane, does not want to know.



IF you cannot resolve, please help us to cancel contract.




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