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Been waiting for an appointment for a technician to connect NBN since 10/04, every time I ring I get the run around and then told they will contact me within 24-48 hours.

That ran out 4 hours ago still no call.

To add insult to injury our latest bill includes $494 of cancellation fees even though we only moved and wanted service to come with us and was assured this could happen.

Not sure whether to pay bill some customer service officers say yes others no.

Getting fed up.

Re: NBN relocation


Two seperate issues. I would keep on with live chat and calls about the NBN setup. 


I wouldn't pay the bill just yet. But I would be proactive in getting it sorted. Make an official complaint to optus (just calling optus isn't official). You can find the details here. You the email or write a letter asking for the cancellation fees to be reviewed (relocating a serive normally has $0 fees but its possible if the NBN is involved somethig has been recorded as you stopping your existing service). Optus have 48 to respond and you can get the respose elevated to a specific manager after that. 


If all that fails the TIO would be your next stop.


Good Luck.


Peter Gillespie

Re: NBN relocation


Thanks will give it a go

Re: NBN relocation


Sorry for the run around @maresdeg - you shouldn't be charged a cancellation fee for your old account if you're relocating your service. If you still need a hand with this please PM your account info and DOB and we can take a look into this and also what's going on with your NBN install. 

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