NBN relocation nightmare


I'd like to complain about the seriously substandard level of service I have received from Optus in regards to my NBN relocation.


In the middle of March I relocated interstate and put in a relocation order for my NBN service. This was scheduled for just over two weeks later on April 2. I'm not sure why I had to wait that long considering there was an NBN box already installed at the premises.


When the NBN was finally supposedly connected the speed was averaging between 0.01 and 0.07mbps which was virtually unuseable. One cluey person at Optus picked up that it was because the activation hadn't been pushed through properly yet. They put me through to the preactivation team and told me to tell them that it hadn't been activated yet. When I did so I was told that it HAD been activated and there was nothing more they could do so they would put me through back to the tech team....and the 'back and forth' madness would begin all over again.


Since the supposed activation date of my NBN service it has been a veritable nightmare involving hours spent on the phone being pushed around from one clueless person to another, hours wasted in online chat doing the same plus a sizeable amount of money wasted on excess data charges due to little to no internet connection. I am not currently working so a big excess data bill due to Optus' inefficient level of service is the last thing I need.


Last Friday I spent another two hours on the phone and spoke to 5 or 6 people all with no resolve. I was also sent another modem which of course didn't solve anything. So this week I spent more time on the phone and more excess data used in online chat chatting with clueless people.


Luckily I found someone at Optus (Sunil) who actually believed me when I said that my service hadn't been activated yet properly. He also said that my account was still showing as active at my old address. I am yet to have my NBN connected but I am (kind of) hopeful that it will get resolved soon (I won't hold my breath though).


To add insult to injury, Optus signed me up to a 24 month contract for my new connection without asking me if this was what I wanted. Surely that isn't allowed?


Will I have to pay for the unuseable NBN that Optus supposedly connected, the unuseable connection they failed to disconnect at my old address as well as the excess data charges I accrued due to Optus totally stuffing up the installation process? I shudder to think what getting that sorted out at Optus is going to be like.

Re: NBN relocation nightmare


Your best bet based on your details provided is to visit and log an official/formal complaint. This will go to the Customer Relations Group to manage and resolve.


The hard part with NBNCo, they are notorious for making dates and failing to deliver. And on top of that failing to notify ISPs (like Optus) that they aren't even going to hit the date they agreed too.

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Re: NBN relocation nightmare


SIgning up to the NBN does involve a brand new contract. You are generally negotiating terms when this happens. That said if you are a long time Optus customer or already on month to month you should generally be placed on a month to month contract when you transition over. You shouldn't need to pay for any charges at the old address after the NBN activation date.


Its unfortunate that you will need to be the one to chase these things up. IMO Optus is very friendly and helpful when you have them on the line but if something goes wrong after that you won't be contacted about it. It really is Optus job to sort the NBN issues out for you and not yours. 


FWIW getting onto the NBN is the tricky bit. Once on it should hopefully just become like turning on the tap (you don't worry if water is going to come out or not every time).


Peter Gillespie

Re: NBN relocation nightmare

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Briefly after 6 weeks and over 12 conversation each of them with 4-7 Optus employees and each of them going for 1hour to 1hour and 45 min , There is Only One Optus Employee OMAR who kept his word and activated my NBN internet service


For any future problems Ask for Omar at OptusSmiley HappySmiley HappySmiley Happy 



Hi there,

i have relocated from X St kilda rd to XX st kilda Rd (Melbourne CBD)and have requested relocation and NBN on 8th of March. I have received an email advising my new username and account number and activation for NBN for new address on 15th of March.

Since then and until today at 7.30pm I have made numerous calls to Optus, and have been talking to Relication, Activation, Technical Assistance teams and three times with Supervisor and Management who all promised me to call me back and fix the situation. Between 15th of March and today I had no Internet connection at all!


I have been patient and I have persisted each time I talked to Optus I called from my Optus plan mobile and have recorded each of the conversations going over 1hour - nothing happened every Optus team blamed Technical , Technical blamed Activation. 


My account was always paid in time and I have always believed in the great service and products that Optus offered. 

I have received a big bill for Internet that has not worked ATALL

and Optus knows very well that my Internet has not been working. 


Tonight a miracle happened After 1 hour and 48 minutes on the call with Optus, the 6th guy I got transferred to, kept his word and called me back - he fixed it I have no idea what he fixed but now NBN is finally activated and working . The Guy’s name is Omar and Iam very grateful to him and his Supervisor.


Id like Optus billing to get back to me and make me an offer that I cannot refuse


so that it compensates me for all the times I have spent over the phone with Optus and for not having Internet connection from 15th of March until tonight 26th of April when I relocated on the same street in Melbourne CBD 3004 - if you could hear what I had to go through and listen at every conversation I had all this time with Optus employees I believe that you would be amazed and would never buy any Optus services.


thank you for reading - where can I lodge a complaint about the billing and where I can leave feedback about this?


the most frustrating thing in all these hours over the phone with Optus for me has been the Frustration of not being able to talk with a Manager who could point out exactly who has been wrong and how things can be fixed - 6 weeks for a CBD NBN connection is Very Dissapointing after my loyalty to Optus.

Re: NBN relocation nightmare



So how do I find Omar at Optus?!


because I have a similar problem with Optus and don’t know where to submit a complaint for management ?



btw each time I talked to Optus employees they had a great laugh as if I have praised them for their service and help - I had the impression they were having a party and laughing at my expenseSmiley Sad

Re: NBN relocation nightmare


Feedback aboiut your complaint can be left here, please follow our complaints process.  

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Re: NBN relocation nightmare


Thanks for your reply.  I have taken your advice and lodged a formal complaint.

Re: NBN relocation nightmare


Thanks Peter for taking the time to reply to my conundrum.  From memory I organised the relocation in chat hence was told the bare minimum and was never sent up any follow up information regarding the terms and conditions of a new contract.  Had I been asked at the time if I wanted a month to month contract I would have chosen that option.  I have been with Optus for nearly 20 years so am definitely a long time customer.  Generally I have found Optus services to be pretty good but this NBN relocation has been a nightmare.  Had I known it was going to be such a long drawn out process I would have gone with another provider.

Re: NBN relocation nightmare


So as of the 1st of May I still haven’t heard back from Sunil at Optus after assuring me he would get back to me last Friday with a follow up.  My internet light on my NBN modem is is now blinking however the internet remains inaccessible and unusable.  So is the internet connected (but there is a fault) or not connected at all and it’s a coincidence that the light is blinking?  I am too afraid to call up Optus as I don’t wish to speak to another 20 people who have no idea what is going on.

Re: NBN relocation nightmare


Its a hard slog. I don't think Optus is alone in offering very poor documentation etc. The sign up process appears to be largely "Trust us, we've got it all sorted". But given customers are commiting to $1000's and the large amount "mistakes" that seem to be made it really should be on Optus to provide clear information (and proof) of the deal you are entering into.


Anyway, I'm hopeful something is happening with you. First up I would unplug the modem for 2 minutes (power) and turn back on. You might find the modem configures correctly now. If not then you will need to contact Optus I'm afraid. They should be able to see your modem and can hopefully confirm its activated (or activate it)


Good Luck


Peter Gillespie

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