NBN problems - drop outs


We’ve recently signed up with Optus for our NBN, we went with Optus over other cheaper companies because we thought we’d pay that bit extra for service but that didn’t work...


Our internet constantly drops out even though our devices are connected to WIFI, a couple of weeks ago we informed Optus and they said someone would be in contact in a couple of days - which never happened.


When we called Optus to check in, it was obvious the issue was never looked into as I had to explain myself over again on the phone.


This happens at intermittent times during the day, there are periods where our internet will move from 10mbps to 45mbps randomly through the day with seemingly no in between.


Just wanting to find out if anyone else is having this problem, and wether it’s specifically an Optus issue.

Re: NBN problems - drop outs


When wifi is involved there's the chance the issue is in your home. Wifi can fluctuate / dropout etc. quite a lot. You really need to comfirm the issues are happing via a wired connection. 


But otherwise the issue is likely either:


1) The Modem is a bit faulty (Optus to replace)

2) The underlying NBN is having issues. This is not in Optus direct control but Optus is responsible for getting the NBN to investigate for you. I take it you are on FTTN or HFC?


Peter Gillespie

Re: NBN problems - drop outs


Thanks Peter, tried with a wire connection today and still the same results.

FFTN for us, I'm suspecting it's an underlying issue - we'll see what Optus have to say tomorrow. 

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