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I need to select an NBN plan asap. I dont have a home phone only use my mobile. Are there data only NBN plans?

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The NBN has/is being built to provide all Australian's with choice. You can now select any plan from any provider. Some have phones, some Soccer, Some unlimited data, Some month to month only plans. Pick the one that suits you most. Check what Optus, Telstra, Aussie Broadband, TPG (and others) are offering on their home page and pick a plan you want. Then give them a call and they'll get you hooked up.


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Yes, definitely you can get an nbn service with no phone - but - as the nbn uses VoIP it costs virtually nothing to include it,  so removing it from an nbn plan tends not to make the overall plan cheaper. Frequently providers will bundle in a 'phone service "for free" and you don't pay any extra for it (unless you use it, in which case each call is 'pay as you go'), so don't immediately exclude a bundle if it does include a phone service. The "Just Broadband" from Optus currently costs $85/month for NBN50 and unlimited data. This is the same price as the current "85 Bundle" plan which is NBN50, unlimited data, Optus sport subscription, and phone line inc unlimited local/national/mobile calls. 


I was force into switching to nbn recently, and went with a plan that included a 'phone although we hardly ever use it - but that's mainly because both my wife and my parents tend to prefer to call a landline. We call the landline 'the old person's phone' as, other than the occasional random political survey or <ahem> 'Microsoft' calling us to let us know that our computer has a virus, if it rings we're pretty sure it's a grandparent.... Oh, my wife also uses the landline every now and then to ring her mobile when she can't find it. There's another use case. :-)

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