NBN phone cannot received incomings call from land line and Telstra network




can someone please help.

I am a small business owner and the phone is very important to my business as phone order is 50% of our income.

Since moving my business phone number to NBN 3 weeks ago. I am unable to received incoming call from a landline and any Telstra mobile. I only realised this when customers walk in the shop and told me about it. Any call from Telstra network will get a message of “ this number has been disconnected”


Had called Optus so many times regarding this issues, and all I’m getting is they have escalate the issue to their level 1, 2, 3 team to look at the issue.


Surely when they migrated my service to NBN one would hope that they would provision correctly.


i’m sure someone out there would experienced the same issue. Any help would kindly appreciated.


My NBN connection is HFC

Optus Sagemcom modem





Re: NBN phone cannot received incomings call from land line and Telstra network


The issue is the Telstra network isn’t correctly routing the call.


Optus need to send a port completion advice out to all carriers again so Telstra can update their record. Optus isn’t actually the cause of the fault, it’s not a provisioning fault, it’s a Telstra not routing properly fault.

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