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Flyer in the mail . Your adsl service will be cut off from 25th of March 2019 . This was 8th of February , a friday . Talk with the partner over the weekend , look at plans and decide to take the plunge . Like most I don't want to change to NBN . The horror stories have done nothing to alleviate my very real apprehension that this will be mentally damaging . Mon 11th March I make the call . On hold , 1 hour later I hear a voice !! , Much rejoicing . Go through the process , painfully . Get told they need to seend an email for me to read and click if  I agree . No email . 30 mins later it appears they have a problem and cannot send emails . At this point I scratch my head . A national teleco and you cannot send emails ? This raises my apprehension levels further . Informed we will call back tommorow and redo the email . 2 days later no call . Back on the phone . 63 mins on hold . I explain what has happened . In return I get order ? what order ? That is ok madam , we can do the whole bloody process again !!!!!!!!!!!! . After more than 9 hours on hold , several  hours on phone calls and 1 week later . We finally got someone who was actually able to complete the order from start to finish .  I now have 3 different dates for NBN connection that wont happen till sometime in April . And no , I do not want to speak to another stress inducing optus employee or rep  just now . Saying so sorry for the anguish and stress caused is simply not enough . You may want to think of the impact you have on peoples lives instead .


Re: NBN order problem


Are people who are having issues with this placing orders for NBN FTTC? My own experience is very similar in that I ordered 10 days ago and nothing. Went back in to store tody and they told me Optus have issues with their systems for FTTC and they have to use manual webforms for ordering and that at present they are 4 weeks behind on processing these orders (i'm guessing it must all be manual for this tech type.

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