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I have a new NBN connection, which after using, I went back to cable. The new connection kept dropping out and was slow, compared to my cable connect that worked without issue. I have now lost my cable connection and been forced back onto NBN. And subsequently, have been without full internet since last Wednesday. 


I have spoken to technical support twice, each for a couple of hours, which resulted in a new modem being sent, but no change. I have been referred to a technical resource, who should have been in contact with 24-48 hours, so I may hear this afternoon.

While I am no expert, I have a reasonable idea of the process, and this is what I have done:
1. If my PC's and phone are plugged into the Sagemcom modem, which is plugged into the NBN box, I get -

    a. A very bad phone connection.

    b. No internet on any ethernet connected device.

    c. I can connect to WIFI but no internet signal.

    d. I can ping the separate computers connected to the LAN connection on the modem, so it is passing a signal across the network via the modem.

2. If  I plug a single PC directly into the NBN box, I get -

    a. Internet connection on the single ethernet PC. 

    b. I get no wifi or phone, expected as these are supplied from the Sagemcom modem.

3. This is consistent, irrespective of whether I am using the first or second modem.


Technical support seems to be using a script so each time they go through the full script, even though I know all of the above.

I am loathed to buy another modem but the Sagemcom modem seems to be the issue, both don't seem to be passing the WAN signal to the LAN ports. All suggestions appreciated, as my wife and I cannot both work from home when it requires each PC to be connected directly to the NBN box.  

Thanks Luke

Re: NBN not working




Note you haven't said what NBN technology you have which is most important for any discussion (Cable? FTTC? etc.)


So with the single PC connected you get good speeds? That does definitely point towards the modem being the issue however you've said you've already replaced it once. Hmmm.


As a quick note you could buy a simple switch if you want to use multiple devices directly. Just plug wall plate into it and then any other devices into that. However that's not a great long term solution.


At this stage I would wait for the tech support team to step you through the setup again. With what you've described it is possibly some setting or equipment issue inside the home. Get back to us once you know a little more perhaps?


Peter Gillespie

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