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New Contributor Pringle1
New Contributor

NBN not connecting

We’ve had NBN for over a year now and only recently has it been playing up. Every now and then we will have no internet connection so we will go outside to the nbn box and fiddle with the UNI-D cord and that usually works. Now it’s not working. We’ve reset the modem and even tried restarting the nbn box itself. I tried the web chat but ‘nobody is available right now’ I tried calling and was on hold for thirty minutes only to be sent through to the nbn technical team and on hold for another thirty minutes.. gave up and decided to come on here because I thought I’d get a faster reply. The internet was working fine this morning but isn’t now. Also our home phone has not been working for a long time but we don’t really use it so I haven’t bothered to find out why... yet... 

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Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Re: NBN not connecting

Hi @Pringle1, it definitely sounds like something that we'll need to look into. We did have a nationwide outage yesterday evening that impacted a large number of customers. This likely explains why you've had so much difficulty getting in touch with us yesterday. If you could send through your details via PM, that'd be great.


The outage has since been resolved but I can definitely look to see if there's anything else impacting the quality of your service. We can also try and figure out what's going on with the home phone. Which NBN network had we connected you to i.e. FTTP, or HFC-NBN? You'd need to ensure that the base of your handset is plugged into either telephone port 1 or port 2 on the back of your modem. 

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