NBN - no internet or emails on desktop attached to modem but mobile devices have WiFi access




Been having a problem with our internet - the desktop is connected to the modem via the ethernet and the internet times out and cannot send or receive emails saying 'unable to connnect to server'. Our mobile devices (ipads, laptop) can, however, connect to WiFi.


Received a new optus modem - sometimes no light on internet, sometimes it is on but flashing continually. WiFi light sometimes solid and sometimes flashing.


Having a complete nightmare of a time dealing with Optus who have done nothing to fix the problem other than to claim it is a problem with the modem not talking to the new NBN software updates. Sent us exactly the same modem and exactly the same problem.


Any suggestions before I go completely mad?

Re: NBN - no internet or emails on desktop attached to modem but mobile devices have WiFi access


Ok so the issue is on two seperate modems? That rules out a hardware fault. 

Have you confirmed your mobiles are actually using WIFI to send data? They are likely connecting to the modem but then not getting the internet so dropping back to mobile data. Try turning mobile data off and testing.

Not sure on NBN Software updates but I take what the service desks say with a grain of salt, they seem happy to throw out a good sounding reason if it finishes the call and moves you on. 

Regardless of the cause it is up to Optus to sort. They should be able to easily confirm a connection between Optus and the NBN modem. If that exists then you should be easily able to confirm a connection to inside (i.e. try a mobile data off WIFI speed test on your phone). 

That should give you enough going forward to see if a NBN guy needs to visit (Optus should arrange it)


Peter Gillespie

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