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What's happening with NBN in Beresfield area? I have 2 services that have had speed issues all day. 1 is FTTN the other FTTP. Currently unusable. 

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I'm in Perth between four 4G+ towers. 4G internet has been flaky since around 10pm yesterday. Changing to Telstra works (I have dual SIM) as does iiNet ADSL2. Switching back to Optus has the same flaky results all the way to the CBD. Some sites, e.g. partially load but stall loading elements from other sites. Also parts of don't load or only load after a few reload attempts, I'm accessing this page via iiNet ADSL.

That I can load some sites but not others when using Optus, and I can access those sites fully when using Telstra 4G & iiNet ADSL, I'm on 4G and you're on nbn makes me think it is an Optus routing issue.

Also reports:

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Hey @Autoind1, we haven't received a specific report advising of an issue impacting NBN services in 2322. Are you still experiencing the same? Have you only recently noticed a decline in performance? 


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Hi it just happened yesterday and has been back to normal. Ping was poor and we were getting full upload no download.

Back to normal now. The fttn service was unstable but support seems to have actioned the dropouts.

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Ah okay, thanks for the update @Autoind1! Glad to hear that you're back online Smiley Happy

For future reference, you can check your area for interruptions HERE and find our troubleshooting guides HERE .

Have a great weekend! 

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