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I'll try to explain this mess in the simplest way I can:


I swapped to NBN on October 13. First NBN install appointment result? Not able to do it due to small conduit going into the pit in front of my house, the tech arranged another crew to fix this. Apparently they'd fix it in a week or so and then another SMS with another appointment for the installation. Second NBN install appointment result? Not able to do it due to the conduit being apparently blocked between the pit and the house. NBN tech arranges another crew to come and fix it in a week or so. Same procedure: SMS, appointment, etc. Third technician shows up, tries to feed the cable from the house to the pit, could not do it. Arranges a FOURTH NBN visit, this time with no SMS confirmation and guess what? After I spent 1 hr. and 5 min on the phone (49 of them just waiting) they just told me NBN would try to fix this on or before JANUARY 10 2018 (so almost 3 MONTHS) after I sign to the service! You have to be joking...


To make this joke even funnier, my NBN deal included the "mighty" Fetch TV box, which was working reasonably well till yesterday when for "some reason" it didn't log in. On those 49 min I was waiting on the phone today I opened my mailbox and found a letter from OPTUS saying "WE'RE SORRY TO SEE YOU GO" because apparently I had cancelled my Fetch service (which I didn't) so they send me this letter and a bag to mail them back the mighty box. By the way, if I don't do it by December 31 they will CHARGE ME $250 non-return fee.


In summary: I'm still waiting for some installation to happen in a month for a service I signed up 2 months ago, I have a "mighty" box that doesn't do anything, which I should return soon because I magically cancelled this service while sleeping, otherwise I'll be charged $250. This MUST BE A JOKE, just a not funny one.

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Yes. I just had the obligatory NBN tech no show.

Earliest next appointment is in 8 days!


Who knew they can't work in the rain?

Don't work weekends, either.

Optus--- You could at least send a txt, so we don't waste 4 hours sitting around for a tech who is not going to show up.


How is 'no weekend work' a thing with a technology company?

Glad I know who to blame at next election.


Re: NBN installation joke


Oh no Smiley Sad Not the kind of activation experience you should be having @vnbn and @NotHappyCustomr!

We can definitely take a closer look at what's happening, please chat with our NBN crew via Live Chat HERE if you still need assistance. 

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Re: NBN installation joke


Too little too late mate... I've already packed the Fetch TV thing to be returned and I'll be unsubscribing from the NBN as soon as I get a chance to spend 1hr on the phone with you.

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