NBN install screw up is driving us nuts


I am attempting to connect to the NBN, since it is now available in our area. Our inital install date was 5 July and we patiently waited the 2 weeks until that date arrived, only for nothing to happen. Rang Optus and they said 'the order for the install was never put through'. No explanation. Told to just book it again.  Argh!

So I made a new appointment for 12 July (today!). We receieved serveral confirmations by email and text in the lead up this time, so felt more confident. And the self install kit modem arrived by courier yesterday and a reminder message about the appointment was texted to me. But the technician never showed up! I rang the 133 937 support number and was told that the appointment had been cancelled due to a 'systems fault' further explanation. I was told the whole thing now had to be cancelled (which would take 24 hours) and that a new appointment would then be made for some future date. When I asked to speak to a supervisor, the indian call centre lady on the phone flatly refused.  It just feels like she was reading from a script.

So now I have to wait for a call back (hopefully tomorrow) about when the new appointment will take place (hopefully soon!). This is not good enough!!  Is there ANYWHERE i can call to speak to a person who understands what is going on and can give us a better explanation and solution?

Re: NBN install screw up is driving us nuts


The first stuff up was difinitely on Optus.


The second stuff up would be NBNCo (over which Optus don't have direct control)


I can understand the frustration (unfortunately it may happen again).


I would not be trusting in any call back. You can probably ring now and order a new date or wait for tomorrow and ring then if you  prefer (just don't expect Optus to call you though)


Peter Gillespie

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