NBN incomplete activation with Sagemcom modem

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Our NBN connection hasnt been exactly fault free BUT it seems a lot better than many. Optus cable internet has been reliable and plenty fast enough  for the 5 members of our house. Last Tuesday I'm about to leave and a man is at  the door announcing he’s here for the NBN installation !. He's been rionging the  home  (VOIP) number I told the Optus salesperson we dont want and wont connect...... anyhoo.

Installation  done , check speeds, 45  Mbps-twice what we had. The next day the troubles started and the internet searches start ( via mobile date as the NBN has quit). The Optus supplied modem appears to be , well, *moderated* I lodge a complaint with both NBNCo ( who are yet to respond) and Optus who did respond within 48h ( in addition to the 50 mins I spent on the phone). The connection was hopeless even with the Sagemcom modem removed.

TP Link modem arrived and things have settled down. I'm often still getting woefull download speeds ( less then 1 Mbps) in the evening BUT completely consistent 15 Mbps upload speeds.....We are on the 50 Mbps plan. Iwas told we were in a ? incomplete activation phase with the NBN....Interstingly when Optus tried to check things they kept telling me to connect the, it is!

Anyhoo, might just be dumb luck, but if you cant sort out your connection ( HFC in my case), maybe its the POS modem ( which, I am told they will be replacing with a 'better' model)!


Re: Sagemcom modem........


Hi JPGibson,

Did you order an Optus NBN connection? Your post suggests a tech just showed up at your door?

Anyway you go on to say you've since spoken with Optus so I take it that has been looked into.

We’re unable to look into account details on Yes Crowd so cannot see your connection.

Not sure what they meant by incomplete activation phase, what timeframe were you given for it to be completed?

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