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NBN fault in Haberfield NSW

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I have not been  able to comnect to my NBN now for 4 days or so. I have received messages from Optus saying fault on the area. Today I received message saying fixed. 

No real surprise my internet still doesn’t work. I am getting messages saying wrong password. 

Has anyone else this problem? I live in haberfield, NSW 

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You can check the Optus Outages anytime here 


It appears Haberfield is still listed as out. You'll need to wait a little more I'm afraid.


Peter Gillespie


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I've checked NBN's service portal and they've advised the following:

There is a known NBN network fault which is related to this trouble ticket. We will provide an update as soon as available. 

The ticket was raised earlier on today. 

Fault Type|Service Degradation

A field technician should be on site tomorrow @Jen67

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Thanks for responses 

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