Re: NBN dropping out constantly


We got our new broadband connection on Saturday morning and the service keeps dropping out, I run a VPN on one of my machines and because of the drop out the VPN connection will not remain connected. The general feedback back is that it is the Segemcom, which seems to be correct, as the NBN box does not loose connection, but the modem does. The general feedback across all the posts I have seen, is that Optus is not helping in the situation. Can anyone tell me if they had success with another modem?



Re: NBN dropping out constantly


Hi There 

We explored this as an option with Optus before thankfully getting rid of them as our ISP - we changed from our supplied Sagecom modem to a Netgear Nighthawk R7000 

We continued to experience the same issues with a different router, Optus also told my partner that we were not able to use a different router then the supplied one with the contract (once again, a completely false statement but this seems to just be how Optus works) 


While there are a plethora of reasons for causing dropouts/issues with your NBN service which to be fair to Optus isn't always in their control, in our personal instance our dropouts were caused by Optus not acquiring enough data from NBN (cheapskates) so the limited bandwith available to customers in our area wasn't being met. We have had no issues since changing oru service to a new ISP. 


The fact Optus lie to your face and have useless oversease support should be enough to ditch them, we did and I couldn't be happier. 

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