NBN drop-outs and slow-downs


Hi all

We migrated to the NBN a few weeks ago, remaining with Optus who've been our provider for years.


Our previous ADSL service was fine for streaming Netflix etc.


We're now on FTTN on the $70 pm plan.  Optus' own modem. When it works we get speeds of around 47 mbps which is fine.  Unfortunately we get random drop-outs and slow-downs, buffer over-runs on Netflix.


Three times I've spent over an hour each on 3 calls to tech support who 'fix' the problem their end and promise 100% fixed.  The issues continue.  I sent 2 complaint emails last week - no reply.


Re-booting the modem may work but it's not for us to fix and takes too long.  In any case the drop-outs usually last less time than it would take to re-boot.


Other than to the Ombudsman, has anyone had similar issues which Optus actually fixed?



Re: NBN drop-outs and slow-downs


Okay, we need to clarify "drop out" because unfortunately it's used far too widely.


Drop out as in:

- The DSL light / Internet light on your modem goes off/starts flashing?

- The WiFi becomes unreachable

- You can't reach your modems support pages


As a customer, you have a certain level of responsibility to fix, Optus can't schedule "automatic reboots" because then customers would complain "that Optus has too much control". The fact that rebooting your modem albeit temporarily resolves the problem, it sounds more like the copper is poor between you and the node, or that you've lost Node Lotto (aka, the node is too far away).


Could you please login to your Optus modem and post the VDSL stats (they look identical to the old DSL stats) and please post all of them?


It's possible, the internal wiring in your home is not up to specification and it's not coping with the faster speeds of the NBN. This, unfortunately, is your problem and always was your problem. As internal wiring was never ever the responsibility of service providers to maintain.


You can get a private tech into your premise, to run a fresh socket and piece of copper to the boundary to rule out your internal wiring. Sadly, with FTTN the higher the speed, the more noticeable the "connection failures" are, because you're pushing a golf ball through a garden hose.

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Re: NBN drop-outs and slow-downs


Thanks Jeneral__Pain


I sent two complaint emails last week - no reply.

Two things here, I know there is currently a backlog of complaints due to the outage last week so responses are unfortunately taking longer than usual. However I'm curious to know what was the e-mail address you sent it to?

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