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I just upgrade my service to NBN and the connection is terrible, the internet is very weak and it disconnected many times in a day i cant use anything properly. 

Please let me know how I can contact the support inmmediately for it .

Re: NBN connection


Phone Optus, or use LIVECHAT on this site (24/7) to talk to customer service. You might need them to organise a tech to look at your line.


Also run some speed tests at different times of the day to see what connections you are getting.




Peter Gillespie

Re: NBN connection


Can u give me the Optus number the one I can talk direct to the supporters and the live chat i cant connect the live chat bc no suppoters are free there.

Re: NBN connection


Sorry no one has been able to get back to you.


All contact information is available here → How to Contact Optus


Tech Support are available 24/7 on 131344 or via Live Chat.

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