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NBN connection went down after speaking to an Optus representative.

I spoke to an Optus representative after my NBN install. The plan I purchased was 100/40 but was getting 50/20 at the time. 

I called up asking if there was anything extra that I needed to do. I went through the troubleshooting process with them. They advised me to wait 3 hours to see if the speed increased. No difference.

After 3 hours I called up asking again if there was anything else I could check. They then said they will check the lines. Result came as good. I can get 100/40 at my premesis. 

Further into the chat they told me there was something wrong with my account. Apparently another order was placed with my address??? ***This is where I was confused.

They couldn't process my order because another order had been placed with another customer name. (entirely different last name etc.)

What I don't get as to why they simply cannot cancel the other order and process mine through instead when I have been verified as the owner of the address.

To finish off the call I was in prior to the disconnection. I was told to wait til 10am next day as the representative was finished for the night??? (could I not be transferred to the next one)

All I asked for was my speed boost from sign-up and now i've gone to no connection at all. 

Can I please have some assistance with this?

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Occasional Contributor

Re: NBN connection went down after speaking to an Optus representative.

Yes all imploding again. I pay $80 a month for an unlimited NBN plan and have had intermittent access over the past few days... comes on for a few minutes and then disconnects. So much for a premium service. At least I can hot spot to my Telstra phone. Will be definitely moving on from Optus once this mess is over. 

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