NBN connection- still not working!


I put in a relocation request and was told NBN was available. The technician came on 24 Jan to install new connection/modem. The NBN service is STILL not activated (I keep contacting Optus and they always say it’s been escalated) and have been without internet since 24 Jan 2019! This is beyond ridiculous! Anyone have similar experience. 

Re: NBN connection- still not working!


@SydneyMike, Do you know what we're waiting on?


You've mentioned that a technican has gone for the installation.

Did they install an modem (NTD)? That would be for an HFC-NBN connection.


Once the order has been marked as complete on NBN's end, the order should flown through on the Optus end (unless it's become stuck or there's more work required at your premises).


Do you remember the Optus activation date you were given? I find that in some instances, we're required to align the NBN installation date with the Optus activation date. 


I might not be able to get to you right away, but if you send us a private message, we can follow up and get back to you.

We'll need your full name, DOB and NBN account number. 




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Re: NBN connection- still not working!


Thanks for the reply- I will PM you all the details. 

To add to the frustration- I received a text this morning from optus saying “we tried calling” regarding my case number but I had no missed calls from optus! I find this a very poor effort from them.



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