NBN connection issues


Supposedly connected to NBN on the 23rd, a day earlier that stated, got a txt saying good to go, plug in new modem as per instructions, nothing, no dial tone on phone, no internet, no nothing. Go into advanced settings on the modem as per troubleshooter, clearly getting a signal given the up and down speeds its recording, just not able to get past the modem it must appear. Tech Support state its an issue their end and he has sorted it our, switch off switch on 30 mins later it will work, it did not work, call back, stated it should work, he lodged a ticket to their tech support. No issue resolved. Day 2, same issues, modem software give and up an down speed, but no internet. call again, still no solution, atempt a hard reset on the modem, that will work (supposedly), nope. nothing. Get a letter on day 3 saying yay, your activeted and good to go as of the 23rd. Nope nothing another reset of the modem, switch off and switch on again a few times, leave it on all day so they can od things at their end. nothing. Call again, booking a tech to look at something in 38-36 hrs time. really. Does anyone have any ideas about this, i really cannot understantd how hard this can be to fix. I am not overly feeling tat they give a hoot about customer service or care, got told its frustrating for them as well as they cant bill me if im not conected, i mean its honest, but not really helpfull when your 3 days into this. Rant over, for now, anyone have any input or ideas of things that could be usefull in this situation?? Al they had to do was switch from thier ADSL to NBN. Cheers


Re: NBN connection issues


Sorry to hear about your experience IanPro, definitely not what we like to hear. Can you please send us a PM with your fault reference number so we can take a look? 

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