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NBN connection is down, new modem won’t connect

My NBN went down sometime overnight this past Sunday/early Monday am. Contacted Optus and they booked an engineer for Tuesday but cancelled it when they decided the problem must be the modem. They sent a nee one (received on Thursday) and it doesn’t make any difference. It is plugged in & set up correctly but is not picking up the incoming signal. Optus say the line etc is working. Also, although a case has been raised no replies are coming back from my repeated enquiries and live chat just won’t help as it detects theres a case already. Tech support by phone say my ‘specialist’ who is handling the case will call. Meanwhile we have had to purchase a dongle and the signal from that is woeful. Can’t stream tv shows and our Fetch TV is only able to get the basic channels through the aerial. I am stuck with no service and no help!!
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Re: NBN connection is down, new modem won’t connect

Hi @Jules76, sorry to hear about your ongoing NBN connection issue and the run around. If you have received a new modem and the issue still continues then seems like a fault. Have you hear back from your case manager?

Since this is a public forum we can`t access customers account details here. I would recommend to contact us via Social media if you have an account by sending a → private message to Optus on Facebook or a → direct message on Twitter with the details for further assistance.

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