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Please add me to the list of dissatisfied customers regarding NBN connection charges.  I note your reply to another post says there is no charge for NBN connection, well that’s not so.  My who experience on NBN has been a debacle.  The first technician made a hash of it and it didn’t work so another technician came out and spent two hours to rectify the mess.  Optus then sent me a bill for $90 Start up fee when I have been an existing customer since the year dot AND another $127.27 for “Other charges”.  No further explanation for what other charges is.  I have spent hours of my time on the phone to Optus but it’s like talking to a blank wall.  Perhaps you can sort it out before I put in an official complaint.  Why is Optus charging installation fees for NBN.

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IMO one of the biggest failings of Telcos has been to somehow set up contracts without providing clear advice on exactly what is being bought and what will be charged. The result is mix ups and unexpected charges like this. 


FWIW moving to the NBN is moving to a new contract but generally long term Optus customers don't get hit with start up fees.  The Fee for "other" would be unacceptable for any service. 


I suggest you perhaps try again to contact the Billing Department (in 9-5 hours) and find out what the charges are for. Failing that, write a letter to the Optus complaints address refuting the charges. If you don't get a good answer then move on to the TIO.


Peter Gillespie

Re: NBN connection charge


Thank you, I have sent a complaint to Optus so I will see what happens. 

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