NBN congestion everyday


This is my speedtest everyday from 6 pm to 11 pm what should I do? I pay for a 100 Mbit connection. By the way I am a player and the ping has a 90 ms delay. is from 1 month and a half I go on like this, you want to fix or give me my money back?


Re: NBN congestion everyday


Everyone seems to be in the same boat champ. There isn't many places in Australia where anyone on the NBN can get their 100mb speed at 6-11pm at night, as the NBN network is terrible. This isnt Optus's fault, this is mainly the copper/fibre missmatch that is the problem. So if you cancel and get your money back, if you goto another provider, you will be seeing the same problem. 
My advice, stick it out, Optus and the overall NBN network will be fully available in Australia, and the bugs that are currently in place *should* be resolved once everyone has switched over.

Re: NBN congestion everyday

its not nbn co's fault. its optus. they are simply a bad isp. i would go with another isp. simple as that. sorry. but its true.
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