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NBN broadband activation

When will my NBN broadband will be activated? I am getting conflicting information each time I contact customer support and call waiting time is 45 min. I tried to getting my answer through live chat but I am getting conflicting informations. I am being told to wait for 4 hrs to 24 hrs and still its not activated yet. 

* First I was told a technician would come between 8 am to 12 pm and my contact was given to them they would call me before coming - No call or technician came, contacted optus again I was told that no technician needed and it will be activated remotely in 4 hrs

* Waited 6 hrs contacted again was told optus has not activated because there was few order pending in my account (dont know what it means) and was transfered to Optus NBN team 

* Optus NBN team told me to wait few mins so that they can clear the pending order and my internet will be activated in 4 hrs - 24 hrs again

* Nothing happened yet

How long does it take to get activated. There is not light in DSL or Interent on my modem is this normal? will it turn on once internet is activated?.. I just needed a clear dead line not 4 hrs - 24 hrs then again another 4 hrs - 24 hrs. . order number 68414205

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Re: NBN broadband activation

Unfortunately at this point there is no clear answer.


I mean if the next person you speak to swears it will be on by 8pm tonight would you believe it? The time frames they give you are just the standard time frames (and yes usually within 24 hours you should be sorted.) If somethings going wrong (as it appears to be) then all they can tell you is 4-24 hours.


At this stage IMO all you can do is keep contacting periodically (once a day?) and hopefully hit an agent who can clear the issue properly.


Peter Gillespie

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