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I can't believe how poorly optus are responding to my enquiry.


I received a letter from them stating my cable service would be disconnected July 2019

I received a letter from NBN stating my services would be disconnected from February 2020!

I called Optus and they couldn't even find record of sending me the letter and could not tell me when my service is affected

Over two weeks after logging a call Optus customer relations sent me an email without answering when my service is affected (July 19 or Feb 2020?) they waffled on about general guidelines and recommending to move to NBN by 9th July 2019 even though they didn't identify why.

I want to move as late as possible

Customer relations ref number is 1476-3767236


How hard is this to answer!? Can someone from Optus get back to me please as they claim they called me but I have no missed calls and surprise surprise I can't call them!!

Re: NBN and customer relations group


It'll be July 2019. Why Optus are responding to you so poorly is beyond me.


Essentially, the legislation put in place to push people to the NBN states once an area is NBN ready, all other fixed services will need to be shut down within 18 months hence the Feb 2020 date.


What overrides this is Optus have the right to shut down their own network (the Cable network you're currently on) by giving their customers 3 months notice and allowing them to leave without penalty. They are leveraging this right to shut down their cable network as they've sold it to the NBN and I believe they don't want the up keep costs. 


So you're essentially in your final 3 months but DO NOT need to swap to Optus NBN. You're free to go to any NBN provider that services your area so if you'd like to look around, definitely do it. 

I do not represent Optus. The views, opinions and advice expressed in my posts are my own

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HI @AS147 ,


The reason for the difference in dates is because you are on Optus Cable. The NBN is mandated to allow 18 months for migration from when they go live in an area. Optus however negotiated an exemption for their cable (when they sold it to NBNCo) so they can shut their service down within three months. So the earlier date is correct in your case and with only two months to go I would suggest you start the process as it can take a little while the first time. 


FWIW despite the stories you may have heard, most HFC and FTTC customers end up with stable 90Mbps systems once you moved over. It can go wrong but you do have to be unlucky.


What NBN Technology are you getting? Find out here


Note that what ever it is it will use a different connection to the Optus one. This gives you the ability to connect to the NBN while keeping the Optus cable in place so you can test and fall back on Optus to the last minute.


Peter Gillespie

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You folks are awesome. I checked my NBN availability and it is ready for HFC which I assume is the better of the two connections, either way I am so fed up with Optus needless to say I will be leaving them today!


The main issue is not their quality of internet connectivity (all systems have glitches), its their support and customer experience channels. Esepcially Optus telephone support and the myriad of systems they results in the single worst ISP support experience I have ever encountered. So I hope a company with Australian support and good customer sat numbers would be better e.g. someone like Aussie Broadband.


Even today Optus they told me I have two account numbers because they have two systems! They could not see my billing information so I could find out what my monthly costs were, they could not see when my property was listed for disconnection, their website (my account) is terrible (hangs on all browsers, with links that dont work etc.) call queues are often huge and they make it difficult to have real time conversations (chat or phone) because its all hidden in a mess of websites which havent been consolidated.




Thanks once again.



Re: NBN and customer relations group


I completely agree - Optus customer service is appallingly terrible.  Difficult to find anything on their website and the site also doesn’t cater properly for all browsers.

Reps are polite and very helpful but poorly trained in any helpful details therefore you get passed from one operator to another with the annoying waiting time at EVERY pass.

Yesterday I was on the line for most of the morning speaking to SIX reps - all of whome gave me different reasons for being without the godawful nbn.  The outage WAS listed on their website but, not only was it almost impossible to find, relevant links on the site also showed up on Chrome but NOT on IE.

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