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NBN and Optus Installation


I am an existing Optus customer with Internet and telephone services. I have had the NBN box installed on the outside of my house recently. I also have Telstra wires from street pole still connected to my house for no reason a left over from moving to Optus. I have Optus cable now and wanting to know what NBN will I get in future and will the old Telstra cables be roved. Also what is the installation procedure in detail.

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First thing to do is to head over to and put your address in. This should tell you what technology type you'll receive.


Secondly, in terms of the Telstra cables, if you want them removed you'd need to engage Telstra. That said, NBNCo bought both the Telstra and Optus cable (HFC) networks and will be using the Telstra Cable network to provide NBN in some areas. If that's the case for you, they could repurpose the Telstra cables connected to your house (if you don't have them removed). 


The installation process will differ depending on your technology type. Once you know what you'll be getting, head over to and select the right option for more info. 

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Re: NBN and Optus Installation

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The Optus HFC network will be torn down over the next few years. The Telstra HFC network is the one the NBN will be using (so I'd keep it). Do check your NBN technology and let us know (but its likely HFC via Telstra cable which NBN now owns) Also register with NBNCo for updates on your address so you get told when the NBN is live in your area. 


Once live you will have 3 months to find another provider (Optus will be shutting down their HFC service after that time). You are actually free to choose any RSP to hook you up to the internet (Contracts don't matter as Optus is terminating them all on its side). So have a look around if you want. Alternatively you can just ask Optus to port you over. They may try to insist you go on another 24 month contract but long term customers should be able to insist on month to month continuing. Note that moving to the NBN will involve a brand new contract (you don't just move your current deal across so check what you are getting and losing)


Do you definitely want to have a landline going forward? Its generally more expensive and limits the tech you can use a bit but doable.


Are you on the 30 or 100Mbps cable speed now? On the NBN you can get 25, 50 or 100Mbps. The 50Mbps is standard and is proced about the same as the current 100Mbps Optus cable plans. You pay $20-$30 more if you want 100Mbps. Note that 50Mbps is generally fine for most homes.


As for joining the NBN its pretty straight forward (With Optus or another)


1) NBN Goes live

2) Call RSP and request they get you to the NBN (negotiate new deal)

3) NBN day booked and you stay home (AM or PM assigned).

4) NBN Technician arrives and ensures cable from street is OK and cable comes through to your home inside

5) NBN Tech plugs in the NBN modem provided by the NBN

6) Any existing MODEM with a WAN port can plug into this modem 


Your RSP will step you through the process 


Peter Gillespie


Re: NBN and Optus Installation


NBN guy came friday , connected everything up etc no fuss no problems. Asked him questions along the way , was only to happy to answer them. Everything is up and working as per Optus uploads and downloads.  Couldnt have wanted a better tech guy. Now wonder why all installations are not the same ???

Re: NBN and Optus Installation


Good to here. FWIW most do go just as swimingly, its just a small number that have issues and some RSPs are much better at getting on to (and solveing) those than others. Currently NBNCo is running past 40,000+ homes a WEEK (which I find astonishing). You only need 2% of those to go wrong and that's around 1,000 pretty upset new customers every week.


Glad you're saftely bedded down - thanks for the (fairly rare) good news report. Smiley Happy


Peter Gillespie

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