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I have just moved to a newly built town house. As per nbn checking it say that i can get NBN connection. So i placed an order with optus (Still waiting confirmation since 5 days).  When i checked i found two wall sockets in my house , they are marked as A & B. They look like RJ45 but i beleieve telephone jacket can also fit in. While searching out side i was not able to see any box or connection to my unit. Unfortunatelly the property manager has no idea . I found that the builder installed ethernet connectivity in each room to the sitting area where i am supposed to place the modem which make me think he must have connect these sockets (A&B) as well somewhere. Does any one has idea that usually in newly built house how these connections are done or any way to check whether these sockets are live. 

PS : My unit is on the front and i can see NBN PIT near the nature strip of neighbour. 

Re: NBN & Telephone wall socket


What kind of NBN will you be getting per the NBNCo website?

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Re: NBN & Telephone wall socket


I am supposed to have FTTC connection. I haven't received any answer from Optus yet.

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