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Occasional Contributor Ouch-media
Occasional Contributor

NBN Woes

So after changing from telstra - having moved to Melbourne from Sydney - I now have to pay an extra $300 because no one knows the phone number of the address I am renting and I have to pay for a new number, even though I will never use it.

NBN are coming this friday to do whatever it is they need to and here are the two messages I have recieved . . .

1) OPTUS MSG: Your NBN appointment is between 8AM-12PM on 04/08/17

2) OPTUS MSG: Your NBN appointment is between 1PM-5PM on 04/08/17.

+ 2 Optus Modems have arrived - but no internet - I changed from Telstra for this! - 


and one bar of 4G which keeps slipping back to 3G on my Optus mobile here in Williamstown.


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Respected Contributor

Re: NBN Woes

As for the $300 charge, has NBN ever been there before or just the old school landline via copper? If NBN has never been there before, doesn't matter if no one knows the number, you're liable for it. If you've got an NBN appointment (not Optus), chances are NBN hasn't been installed there before. 


As for the SMS, things can go wrong. Jump onto Live Chat and have them confirm your appointment timeframe - and while you're at it, ask for a return satchel to send one of the modems back. Hold onto both until after the appointment though, just in case one is faulty you'll have a spare. 

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RetiredModerator Hannah-L

Re: NBN Woes

Hi @Ouch-media - I just want to clarify, it's not $300 for a new phone number, the $300 fee is for a 'Subsequent Line Installation', as NBN will be installing a brand new copper lead-in cable into the premises. NBN are unable to transition a copper asset to their infrastructure when the provider placing the order is unable to verify the ULL ID or active phone number at the premises. The previous tenant may have requested to disconnect their service, however the copper pair is still displaying as 'Active' in NBN's service portal.

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