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My Optus NBN Broadband contract expires mid January and I am considering a switch to mobile broadband (still with Optus). My cuurent NBN contract is with an added speed pack (NBN50) which Optus have offered me a refund as they have done a speed test and advised the maximum download speed is 47mps (I declined as its close enough). My question is should I switch to the Mobile broadband service for fastrer speeds? and would 200gb be enough data? I also have a 200gb phone plan so would that give me a total 400gb/month with data sharing?

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Hi @Rubofthegreen,


A question no doubt many are asking. I take it you are FTTN NBN?


BTW I don't believe mobile and internet data can be shared at Optus (its only for between phone plans)


There's a 200Gb and 500Gb mobile option so you could start with 200 and jump to 500 if you needed to ($20 more a month) however if you're asking about the amount needed then IMO its unlikely you need more than 200Gb a month for one person. You can always ask Optus to tell you how much you've been downloading these past few months (I suspect under 100Gb)


Note that the actual speeds provided by mobile broadband are not specified by Optus. 4G is prone to congestion (especially as Optus is selling such massive data plans over 4G) and what you might get is possibly pretty variable and dependent on your specific location. I don't know if others can report their experience over 4G on these plans?


If an option I would get a M2M plan. I believe the only penalty is if you leave you have to pay for the remaining cost of the 4G modem Optus provide ($200). But FWIW 50Mbps is the current sweet spot for most homes at the moment in price and performance. Its unlikely you'd notice many occassions where you felt you needed more speed than that at the moment.


Peter Gillespie

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