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NBN Upload SPeed Appalling

I am an OPTUS Small Business customer. Recently uptook the NBN option over ADSL2+.

That appears to be a very bad decision. NBN dropouts are far too often (as compared to previous ADSL2 config) and the Upload Speed is appalling. 3 hours for 500MB? My customers will be pensioners before they receive my data.

Optus Support keep kicking me off with "we are aware some customers are experiencing difficulties..." when ever I try and get through to support.

Not... Happy... Jan!

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Retired Employee
Retired Employee

Re: NBN Upload SPeed Appalling

Hi @ToKenheimer, thanks for reaching out


I'm sorry to hear that your new NBN service isn't hitting the mark. I know you've specifically mentioned upload speeds but I just wanted to confirm if downstream speed was also an issue? Which speed tier did we have provisioned for you?


The $60.00 NBN broadband plan comes with default 12/1 Mbps speed tier. The $80.00 broadband plan gives you access to the 25/5 Mbps by default. You also have the option of upgrading to 50/20, or 100/40 Mbps. Drop outs are a separate issue in itself. Were you aware of which NBN access technology had been rolled out in your area i.e. FTTN, FTTB, FTTP or HFC-NBN? Any extra information you can offer would really help us out. For more on NBN speed pack, click here

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